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Hello, I'm Mxstress Vex, Philadelphia's Premier Silver-Tongued Dominatrix and Pleasure Advocate.
I have over 7 years of experience as a professional in the erotic industry and over a decade of experience as an internationally-touring, award-winning acrobat, performance artist, and theatre producer.
My background lends itself to facilitating fully immersive sessions that could easily be mistaken as virtuosic works of art. I combine My razor-sharp wit with cutting-edge fetish tools and techniques to provide sessions unlike anything you've ever experienced. To serve Me is to not only indulge your greatest fantasies, but to expand your capacity for pleasure.I employ My expertise of the human body and thorough, consent-focused communication to ensure My sessions are as safe and affirming as possible for clients of all identities and experiences. As a queer, non-binary, neurodivergent Dominatrix, I work to ensure all bodies and minds who seek to serve Me are well taken care of.Whether this will be your very first time exploring kink or your newest adventure in a lifetime of BDSM, My sessions are sure to leave you in a dream-like state, begging for more and more and more.

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"Thank you for allowing me to share space with you... It was nice to interact with someone being true to Their identity and not bending to some “male fantasy norm”... The body awareness/connection was an experience not typical to sessions in the past and was a welcome addition. I hope to spend time in Your company at some point again in the future." - J

"I wanted to thank you again for holding space for such a wonderful session. I absolutely loved the unique mix of feeling completely embodied, but also somehow able to express my feelings and sensations out loud. I've never experienced anything like that before and it's pretty transcendent." - A

"Incredible! In all my years of seeing pros I've never felt anything like it. I couldn't really imagine what the acrobatics would be like, WOW! I really felt like I was floating... and when you looked down while you were standing on me, your eyes, my goodness! Also very glad we added the extra hour, WELL worth getting to end with "golden delight" ... I'm completely spent. Can't stop thinking about it."

Domination & Fetish Facilitation

Specialties- My Favorite Types of Sessions

Body & Clothing Worship
My petite size 5 feet, whether bare, or tucked into a luxurious pair of stockings, velour heels, or dirty Doc Martins are just a few of the wondrous parts of My body and closet awaiting your devotion. The beauty of My muscles, sculpted by decades of athleticism, smooth armpits slick with sweat, and array of strap-ons are sure to make your mouth water and eyes glisten from the glee of serving Me.

Fantasy Fetish Wrestling
The style and reflexes of a matador. The sleek strength, raw power, and rebellious energy of a bull. Captivating somatic tension and a sculpted body that could rival those of Greek deities captured in marble. If you’re seeking a unique, petite, playful fantasy wrestling partner, I have everything you’re looking for and so much more. My particular affinity for creative blood choking and intrinsic competitive energy will leave you simultaneously enervated, invigorated, and feeling alive like never before.

Couples & Group Play
Looking to explore new interests, strengthen your bond, or try different methods of communicating with your partner? I love guiding couples, groups, and polycules through kinky excursions.

Gender/Sexuality Exploration & Fuckery
As a queer non-binary Mxstress, gender fuckery is My forte.
I have a special place in My heart for sissies, femmes, trans clients, and those seeking an experience beyond the binary and society’s expectations.
Subverting or "fucking" the standards of cis/hetero-normative society can include playing with queerness and/or gender expansion through dressing up, roleplaying, and/or deconstructing the rules, roles, and expectations forced upon many of us related to sex. Through this practice, you can choose to lean into and embrace these ideals and aesthetics or release them.
You do not have to identify with any particular label to engage in this type of play.

Pet Play
I absolutely adore training, grooming, and playing with pups, ponies, kittens, and even exotic pets! My background in professional animal care lends itself to creating the most authentic pet experience possible.

Food Play
My food play sessions take oral erotica to an entirely new level. I offer force-feeding, sploshing, “baby birding,” mukbangs, and select off-body dining.

Emotional & Psychological Play
Nothing pleases Me more than degrading, humiliating, interrogating, and fucking with your mind. There has never been an argument I haven't won, so don't dare try to pick a fight; My ruthless, quick wit and silver tongue can cut deeper than even the sharpest knife in My arsenal. The depths of My amber irises serve as an ode to Medusa, with the power to hypnotize or turn you to stone, and beware of My cheeky smile and subconscious hum- this is how you know I'm really about to have My fun, usually at the expense of your psyche.
Conversely, My praise holds just as much, if not more, potency. My sweet whispers and the mantras I impart will ring in your ears for years to come, relieving you of anxiety and forever guiding you towards a more radically permissive and pleasure-centered life.

Role Play, Cosplay, & Immersive Fantasy
Nothing is sexier than a geeky Goddexx, and getting to highlight My comic book, anime, sci-fi, horror, and fantasy expertise during sessions really turns Me on. Have you ever dreamed of being interrogated by Natasha Romanoff, mentored by Victor Nikiforov, teased by Loki, or bewitched by Tonks? Perhaps you’d even like to star in an original horror erotica? My collection of props, costumes, and spfx will transport you across a multiverse of kink.

Erotic Ritual & Sac/Religious Play
As a person who was forcefully indoctrinated into, and escaped, extreme southern christianity, rituals and cults have always fascinated Me. I enjoy devising elaborate scenes that incorporate aesthetics and procedures of organized religion, such as exorcisms, guided manifestations, and ceremonies of pleasure. I'm even ordained to deliver sermons and officiate weddings, baptisms, alternative ceremonies and more.

Sensory Play
Wax, blades, ice, oils, blindfolds, feathers, pins, pillowcases, and bar soap are just a few of the unassuming items I can use to relax, invigorate, or torture you. Not to mention My collection of special toys and tools, ranging from contraptions I craft by hand, to elite, custom-made fetish gear and furniture.

Golden Showers
Seeing My waste fulfilling your dirtiest wishes brings Me great pleasure! My arsenal of creative water sport games will highlight the most exciting shower experience of your life. Ask Me about bringing along My friends to enjoy a flight of golden delight- what better way to spend the weekend than a piss bang?

Watch and revel as I go about My routine- getting ready, bathing, shaving, working out, cleaning equipment, making calls, and generally ignoring you to focus on day-to-day or dominatrix-specific tasks. If you're lucky, perhaps you can even make a cameo by delivering My food order or dry cleaning.

Flexibility, Strength Training, & Sensual Acrobatics
As an award-winning acrobat, coach, and former competitive gymnast, My stretching and strength building sessions are founded on a thorough knowledge of anatomy and safety. My partner acrobatics sessions center presence, alignment, healthy risk-taking, and focus. The full limits of your mental and physical capacity will be revealed as we move together towards positions of balance and support. These offerings are sure to awaken kinesthetic abilities you didn't even know you were capable of- no previous athletic experience is required.

Additional Offerings

Don't see what you're seeking or have questions?
Contact Me via Niteflirt or My application to serve.

Anal Play
(anal training, strap on, figging)
Assignments & ContractsBondage
(handcuffs, harnesses, decorative shibari, gags, etc)
Breath Play
(choking, smothering, asphyxiation)
CBT & CBBCompanionshipConfinement & CagingConsultation / Life CoachingCuckoldingCustom Content
(photo, video, audio, erotica, joi)

Double Dom SessionsFacesitting
*No nudity
Financial DominationImpact Play
(spanking, paddling, OTK, flogging, crops & canes, slapping, trampling)
Lift & Carry
Current weight limit 160lbs
Nipple & Tickle TortureObjectification & Human FurniturePanty & Stocking Fetish
(sniffing, stuffing, etc)
Tease & DenialVirtual Sessions


I only engage in the following types of play with experienced clients.
Contact Me via Niteflirt or My application for more information.

Age PlayChastity & Key HoldingElectro PlayExtreme Anal PlayFire PlayKidnapping

KnockoutsMedical Play
Including needle play & sounding
MummificationFull Toilet TrainingAdvanced Shibari & Heavy Bondage

Hard limits

Any direct contact with My body must be negotiated before each session.
Consent for any act may be revoked by any participant, at any time.

I do NOT engage in any of the following types of play.
Inquiries for any of the following will not receive a response.

Bestiality or harm to animals
Biting, kissing or licking My face, neck, chest, or genitals
Fully competitive wrestling
Intercourse, "jobs", or contact with My genitals
Intoxication (before or during play)
Minors (under the age of 18)
Out-of-session blackmail involving bodily harm
Race play
Roman and ruby showers
Sexual cnc / fantasy r*pe
Switching, subbing, or "topping from the bottom"

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All sessions require a 25% deposit to be confirmed.
Deposits are accepted via Cashapp or Amazon gift card.
60 Minutes - $360
90 Minutes - $500
2 Hours - $660
3 Hours - $900
Inquire for more details on extended sessions, FMTY, overnights, and 24+ hour experiences.


Introductory Phone Call - $25 for 15 minutes
Introductory Zoom Meeting - $50 for 45 minutes
Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Coffee- $100/Hour + cost of the meal
Zoom Session- $160/Hour
Phone Session- $3/Minute
Texting Session- $4/Minute
Shopping Trip - Minimum $300 for Me to spend + coffee/tea or lunchKinky Shopping Trip - $200 tribute + minimum $200 for Me to spend at a local adult shop. Includes a 60 minute session to "break in" the new purchases.Inquire via My form for information on domestic service arrangements.

Visit the contact page to book a session!

Session Information

Please review My hard limits and Session Protocols before inquiring about a session.
If you have any questions, please include them in your application.
None of your personal information will ever be shared privately or publicly!
Protecting both of our privacy and maintaining discretion are top priorities to Me.
Sensitive information may be requested for both of our safety and pleasure, but will never be downloaded or distributed. Details or documentation of your sessions will also never be shared, privately or publicly, without your explicit written consent.
You must be 21 years of age or older and able to provide informed consent to submit a session request.I session out of a discreet, fully equipped, upscale dungeon in Center City Philadelphia.
I am willing to travel to other dungeons and venues with additional negotiation and compensation. You are welcome to bring any personal tools, toys, or outfits you'd like to use during our sessions, so long as you take responsibility for potential damage and cleaning.
Covid Policies: Due to the state of public health, I am only seeing fully vaccinated clients. If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, please contact Me immediately to reschedule your session.Cancellation Policies: If you need to reschedule a session, please notify Me within 24 hours of your session. The sooner you reach out, the better. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits for cancellations up to 24 hours before sessions will apply towards a rescheduled session. There are absolutely no refunds or deposit transfers for no-call, no-shows.

Visit the contact page to book a session!

Contact & Links

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To book a session, complete and submit an application form (also embedded below).
Please review my Info Page and the Session Protocols & Liability Release.
If accepted, I will be in touch to schedule your session.
All sessions require a 25% deposit to be confirmed.
The form is the best way to contact Me for local and distant inquiries, in-person and online sessions, content requests, as well as other collaborations.


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Tips and gifts are always appreciated!
I'm fond of fine whiskeys, fresh flowers, and gifts that help Me feel good, look good, and ascend:
Four Seasons
Meesha Aesthetics
Honey Birdette
Hella Heels US
American Airlines
Aerial Essentials
I take My work as a professional provider very seriously, and am always seeking to expand and further craft My skillsets. Reach out via Niteflirt for more information on supporting My continuing education in sexual health, advanced BDSM techniques, and artistry.